Moratti: "Time to knuckle down"

– From Inter’s defeat against Siena to the rocky spell the Milan
clubs are going through, Massimo Moratti fielded questions from journalists waiting outside the Saras offices. brings you the president’s statements in

How do you interpret Inter’s defeat to Siena

"As a defeat that comes at a bad time because
we needed to win – it would have been a good thing, a positive sign
for the team. For the fans, who can understand the moment we’re going
through, but also for the team, it would have an injection of
confidence. They have another chance on Wednesday though and, if we’re
talking about San Siro, on Sunday. We have to knuckle down now: we
have the material to work with, the coach is bright and capable of
figuring things out, and there are plenty of players, so I think a
positive solution – one which gives us our confidence back – can
be found."

Yesterday the coach said he was happy
with the way the team played. Do you agree?

have to say that this sort of game is difficult to analyse, playing
against a team that – aside from their counter-attacks – bolted
themselves up in defence. All you can do is play that way and try to
find an opening to slip into. The players did what was asked of them,
but in situations like that there is an element of risk and we paid
for that risk."

Would you agree with the decision to
switch to a three-man back line?

why not give it a go? But I’ll leave that responsibility – not a
burden but the pleasure of responsibility – to those who are more
clued up, so the coach and the players themselves. If they feel more
confident that way then so be it, it would be much better, so yes I
think it’s right to try it out."

What are your thoughts
on the negative period that the Milan clubs are going through?

"It happens. It’s also
very much linked to the general economic crisis which led AC Milan to
sell some of their players, while we are pushing ahead with a strong
emphasis on youth. These are factors that don’t really make you feel you have a super team, but you hope it can become one, even though it’s all down to the work
you put in. If you have a €20 million player you –
understandably – get criticised because with things the way
they are you can’t have players like that. But if you don’t have those
players, this is the situation you find yourself in."

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