Moratti: "Now for Madrid"

MILAN – Massimo Moratti spoke to journalists outside the Saras offices the day after celebrating his 65th birthday with the 18th Scudetto. 

This is what he had to say:

What did you do when you got up this morning?
"I wanted to read the newspapers to see something positive. I did, and finally we have eliminated a problem. One of the many has been resolved."

Can you turn the page now?
"It’s time to turn the page immediately. There are only a few days before the other match, so now we have to concentrate on Saturday’s very important match."

We asked ourselves how Mourinho’s tears at the end of the match should be interpreted. Devotion to Inter or goodbye?
"We aren’t forced to interpret everything in life. It was a sign of great humanity and affection for the players and the fans. It was wonderful. Any interpretation we give will have a reply after the match."

What is the nicest message you have received in these past hours?
"I have received nice and affectionate messages, also from people far away. But there were also some messages that didn’t arrive, and I found this amusing." 

Are you a bit annoyed at the risk of losing Mourinho due to external factors? If he left Inter, it would be because he doesn’t like Italian football, not Inter.
"No, not at all. Each one of us adapts to certain situations. He is free to do it because he’s foreign, and there are many things to consider, but this doesn’t mean he won’t stay. Actually, it’s a funny situation in Italy, and particularly at Inter, always having to fight and never having the maximum satisfaction because there’s always someone trying not to give it to you, and this is something in life that teaches you a lot."


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