Moratti: "My thoughts on the derby? We won it"

MILAN – President Massimo Moratti answered questions on the derby as journalists gathered outside his offices.

What have you made of all the comments and reaction following yesterday’s game?

"What have I made of the game? We won it! That’s the easiest conclusion to make, it’s important for the morale of the group and underlines our coach’s talent and our players’ professionalism."

Is Andrea Stramaccioni becoming more like Jose Mourinho?

"We always want to make comparisons but he’s growing in terms of personality, ability and his attention to detail. You also need humility to succeed."

Did you have a chance to speak to Kenneth Huang, the Chinese investor, at the ground yesterday?

"I don’t think he was there, and neither was I. So ‘no’ is the short answer."

You must be pleased that the team kept its shape even without Sneijder…

"Top players are top players, so regardless of the shape of the side you always need them."

Can Inter push on from this win?

"Of course it will push us on, I’m not sure whether it will be a turning point or not though. It’s up to us, the players, the coach and the crowd to ensure we retain this spirit."

Do you think Inter are on a par with the other two sides (Napoli and Juventus) at the top of the table?

"It’s always difficult to make comparisons in football, the other two have the luxury of retaining essentially the same team as last year. Juventus won the title last season so they obviously have a lot of confidence. But yes, ultimately they are two very good sides. We’re trying to get to the same level as them."

Is the 3-5-2 working?

"It certainly is at the moment."

Does it bother you that people question the referee’s performance after the game?

"No, I’m used to being on the other side of things and not saying anything."

What did you think when Diego Milito missed the chance to make it 2-0?

"I can’t repeat it!"

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