Moratti: "Let's see if we can make up ground"

MILAN – President Massimo Moratti paused on his way into the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza to take a few questions from the waiting press. He spoke about yesterday’s results which seemed to have temporarily halted Juventus and Napoli’s progress. "There’s no must about it but we could make up ground on them and we’ll see after the game. It’s good from a purely mathematical perspective. We deserved to lose against Atalanta, we’ll need to do better. Is today a test of our maturity? We’re not looking at it that way, we just want to improve game by game. Stramaccioni has said we’ve talked too much about the Cassano-Conte spat? He’s absolutely right, it’s silly to get hung up on something like this – even you journalists – when football is like a book which changes on a daily basis. It’s all unnecessary and I’m just going to enjoy a game of football."

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