Moratti: "Let's retain this good approach"

MILAN – A short time ago Massimo Moratti took the questions of
waiting journalists outside the Saras offices.

Has Andrea Stramaccioni surprised you at all?

"Let’s not go overboard as otherwise we’ll distort the picture
because a lot of it comes down to how well the players respond to a coach. I
believe he’s a bright young manager and this allows him to adapt and anticipate
situations, and long may this continue. For now we’ve had some terrific results
but at this moment in time we’ve not actually achieved anything."

Are those refereeing decisions less frustrating two days on from the

"Yes, but it’s not a case of it being in the past. You’re no longer
bitter, nothing like that, but we need to careful to avoid this happening again
in the future."

Did Tagliavento consciously get it wrong even if Juventus had no part in

"It would be serious if Juventus had been involved. Conscious in the
sense that you see something and don’t intervene, it might have been because
the game was balanced, I don’t know, but it was a risky decision at that stage
of the match and it was a big disadvantage for us."

Looking at the fixture list, Inter seem to have easier games coming up
than Juventus. Is now the time you can overtake them?

"I don’t think so, I think we should take things one game at a time and
we need to be wary because it’s often the matches that look easy that can catch
you out. We’ll try not to big ourselves up too much, it was a fantastic game,
tactically we were spot on, but now we’ve got another match coming up and we
need to approach it in the same professional way."

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