Moratti: "Juve v Inter, a decent game of football"

MILAN – President Massimo
Moratti spoke to reporters at the end of the FC Internazionale shareholders’

Can we say that Inter’s start
to the season has been better than even the rosiest predictions?

"I don’t know about better than even the rosiest
predictions because the fans always like to dream, but certainly
better than the most sensible predictions. We thought we’d start well
but take a bit longer to get the team clicking than we
have done. The credit goes in equal measure to the players and the
coach as they have been able to adapt to the changes."

It could have been even better though,
couldn’t it? If Catania had won yesterday, Inter would be
just a point behind Juventus.

"Everyone has thought about that, Napoli must have thought the same. But although yesterday
seems dramatic at the moment it will all blow over in a few days’
time. What matters most is that things have happened due to error and not for
other reasons. And since this was definitely a case of error, the season
will balance itself out."

So what are we to do if we have six match officials and the result is still wrong?

"Confusion can arise from the fact
that too many people have to decide a single matter. Also, what
seems like a long time isn’t actually very long to make a decision when there are so many people involved."

Catania president Pulvirenti even went
as far as to ask for the game to be replayed…

"I’m not going to get into that.
Pulvirenti is understandably angry. I have no desire
whatsoever to give my opinion on that matter."

Are you going into Saturday’s match
with Juventus in a calm state of mind?

"There’s no controversy with us at the moment. We steer away from controversy with Juve.
I hope we can go into it with the mindset of two teams where
one has already given ample demonstration of how good they are, and
are current Scudetto holders, and the other is trying to emerge
and show how good they can be. I hope it’s a decent match on a sporting

What do you make of president Agnelli’s proposal for a reform of Italian football?

"If you put it like that it sounds megalomaniacal. If you look at each point individually, as he
explained things, I must admit that I agree with a number of things he touched upon."

Do you ever think that you took a risk
appointing the Primavera coach to take charge of Inter’s first team?

"Yes, there must have been some who thought that
within the club too [he smiles]. I’ve always felt that the players
understood that choice much better than anyone else did and so that has

Do you get the impression, after
the last game, that the players are starting to see winning the Scudetto as a possibility?

"It’s also their duty to think that way, so that they have the
ambition to keep bettering themselves. You have to keep your
feet on the ground as well though…"

Do you like the way Andrea Stramaccioni
is handling the squad, the way he’s setting them up and how the new players have fit into the Inter model?

"The coach is undoubtedly talented
and the players who have won a lot are a big help for the
younger ones. That mix of youngsters and champions creates the conditions both for Stramaccioni to trust them and for them to perform well. And
I think we are doing very well."

Should the fans be worried that the
Chinese investors haven’t joined the board of directors?

"I’ve never given them reason to
worry yet…"

Can you tell us what is causing the

"Local bureaucratic matters."

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