Moratti: "Inter, home for Julio Cesar and Maicon"

MILAN – As soon as he arrived at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza for Inter v Vaslui, Massimo Moratti paused to talk to Sky Italia. The questions were of course to do with the transfer market with the president responding that: "The game is more important and I want to see what happens with the weather, and how the pitch holds up. One last signing? They claim we’re looking at all sorts of players, that we need a back-up for Milito. If something interesting comes up, we’ll see, if not things are fine as they are. What irritates me? Our new faces who I’ve not yet seen in action!"

The president was then asked to comment on Julio Cesar and Maicon and whether it’s already time to wish them farewell: "I’ve already done so. It’s sad for us but it will also motivate them to perform well. We are very fond of them and Inter will always be their home."

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