Moratti: “For Ledesma we have done everything possible. Reinforcements? We tried”

Exit from the gates of Appiano Gentile Massimo Moratti was quickly granted to the microphones: “Mourinho has called for action on the team. And ‘normal to do so and we will do everything possible to please – the president said we did the -. For Ledesma possible, we tried to close the deal but then we have taken other roads. Meanwhile, we think the challenge of tomorrow, Parma is a difficult area, we hope to maintain this state of the form denoted date. I hope that Crespo games “(will be satisfied , as Crespo has been dropped, ed).

So Moratti does not confirm rumors of a reopening of negotiations with regard Lotito Ledesma, although it could also be a Pre-tactical. We’ll see how it will develop the issue.

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