Moratti: "Cassano, an entertaining player"

MILAN – Massimo Moratti gave a brief interview to the journalists waiting for him outside the Saras offices this afternoon.

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Is Cassano joining Inter the realisation of a dream?

“It’s an interesting deal. We think it’s a good one because he’s an entertaining player, an interesting player. We believe he can be useful to our cause and so does the coach.”

Will Cassano mean more goals?
“I think the others have done their job up until now so he should help them to do that even more.”

Which playing formation do you think will suit him best?

“I think that’s something you should ask the coach who wanted this deal to happen. I think he already knows in his mind how he wants him to play.”

Cassano is a player who gets people’s hearts racing: will he bring enthusiasm to Inter?

“That’s certainly another important factor. We’re very pleased; now we have to make sure everything goes off well.”

Is Cassano the sort of big signing that can make a difference in a difficult transfer market such as the one we’re in?

“Yes, but you don’t go out of your way to look for that difference. You try to do things that can be useful for the club. We’ve already made signings this season – so early that they’ve been forgotten. But we’ve made quite a few changes to the team.”

Can we say that Inter are Juventus’ main rival?

“No, for now Inter must just concentrate on having a good season.”

Do you think you’ll need to keep a character like Antonio Cassano in check?

“No, he has the personality to do that by himself.”

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