Moratti: "An emblematic match"

MILAN – "A lovely and emblematic match. I’m happy with how it went.
It’s the result of the hard work of the group and Stramaccioni. Of the lads who
believe and work so well together. Who believe in unity and in the group. I’d
guess that it was one of the most beautiful games ever played between these two
clubs." These words came from Massimo Moratti, speaking to the microphones
of Telelombardia and RAI, after yesterday’s victory at the Juventus Stadium.

The Nerazzurri president was then asked about what happened from a
refereeing standpoint: "It’s just one more error in the continuation of
errors from the referees, and I hold no grudge against Juventus. These things
can happen but very close attention is needed. Errors like that cannot be
permitted. The first one on the offside goal was serious, and the second was
deliberate. All that was needed was to get involved and then proceed with the
sending off. Tagliavento? I’m not making it personal. Whoever is in charge in
these situations has to be good. Yesterday the second error most of all was

Massimo Moratti was then asked to comment on the verbal exchange between
Beppe Marotta, the Juventus sporting director, and Nerazzurri coach Andrea
Stramaccioni: "He [Marotta] is a nice person but the word ‘careless’ he
used, and what that word means in Italian, is something worse than what he
intended to say at the end of the match… At any rate, Stramaccioni is doing
well, better than anyone expected. Today we woke up with the knowledge of
having a better team than the one we thought we had, but we have to think about
the project and remember that this a young team that needs to gain experience.
The attacking trident? Fielding three forwards didn’t surprise me knowing
Stramaccioni’s work with the players. I knew they would come onto the pitch
knowing what they had to do. I had faith that things would go well."

An assessment of the transfer market? This was something else the Inter
president was asked about the day after Juventus v Inter: "I thought our
transfer campaign went well and I especially approved of it. And I’m pleased
that Branca’s professionalism – which was criticised – was successful, as it
went in previous years."

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