Moratti: "Aim to win? Of course"

MILAN – At the end of Inter’s board of directors meeting, held at the club
headquarters on Corso Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan, president Massimo Moratti
gave a brief interview to awaiting reporters. gives you the full version of his statements:

President Moratti, how are Inter doing after this board of directors meeting?

“Fine, just fine [smiling].”

Are the results of the youngsters contributing?

“Yes, no doubt. But we’re waiting for tomorrow for the last important
result to come in [Giovanissimi final for the title against Napoli, Ed.].”

Could we say that Inter have taken the same road that Barcelona have by
producing champions in their own home?

“That’s a reward that we need to obtain and it seems to me that we’ve been
trying to do it for a few years now, and some positive results have been coming

Is there some room to move in the transfer market immediately? What about the available funds to sign a top player right away?

“In a club that functions well the available funds also come from what the
club manages to collect by selling players that can be sold.”

News seems to be coming out today regarding some problems in the negotiations for the possible transfer of Lucio to Fenerbahce.

“I don’t know. You’ll have to ask our people who work in the transfer

Can the fans expect a ‘big Moratti signing’ despite the fact that these are
tough times for everyone, economically speaking?

“The fans also appreciate the results that come by way of the youth system
of that club.”

How do you explain the transfer market activity of a club like Juventus, which
is very active in the market and spending a lot?

“I’m not part of Juve so I’m not able to explain it. There have been times
in which the opposite has occurred. If Juve can do it then more power to

Whatever happens, will we see an Inter that is aiming to win?

“Of course, I’d also like to see that…”

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