Milito’s interview

Milito, you have already challenged the Milan during the summer training camp in the U.S.. The fact that his goals in the Genoa derby are availed in the past six points with Genoa, makes easier the psychological approach to a game like the one that will live on Saturday night in Milan?

“No, but hopefully it will be a good match not only for me but for all Inter, this is the most important thing. Surely a derby is always a special partitra and, luckily, I also went well last year with the Genoa, but that does not mean anything. Every derby is different and will be different even from the game against AC Milan in pre-season we played it was just a lot of preparation. I hope that Inter can play a great game, not only the individual, but collective. ”

An assessment on the performance of the team in the game against Bari and in particular the pair Milito-Eto’o. “We have made a great game, we must continue to work knowing that the first few days are not simple. We are practically a new team, we need time and the first day was not easy to play as we wanted. We must stay calm and keep working. As far as I’m concerned, I can and should still improve with the team to be able to express the best of me. ”

José Mourinho has said that it should be improved the relationship between capacity, opportunities created and goals scored. Countries suffer the lack of networks in relation to the opportunities created?
“Certainly the goal is very important in a race because it is what allows you to win matches. We have had many occasions and do so quickly would have been better, but I think it’s important just the fact of them because it means you’re in able to create them. ”

There is more fear and more respect for Milan? “There is fear, there is against AC Milan nor against any other team. There is respect, of course, face a great team that is in a positive moment because he had a good race in Siena. It will be a special game because it is a derby. We will have respect for Milan as they will for all other teams. ”

After the races of Inter against Lazio and Bari have tipped the odds initials: AC Milan is now the favored team to win the derby and Juventus best suited to win the Scudetto. This is part of the game or believes that a grain of truth there?
“We’re a team on the rise. We have yet to establish a body that has fully incorporated who belong to this team for only a few months, we are many to be new. If we were the favorites? I believe that such considerations have been made the press, we know we have a great team. Biaogna work and try to give the best. ”

You feel stronger than Milan?
“We are aware they have a great team and a big pink. It will be the field to say whether we are the strongest. We will try to play a great game and we are confident they can beat AC Milan”

Are you concerned or you charge this season with the Derby at the second day and suffered a series of games rather difficult? “No, we charge. The derby is always good to happen the second day or after. The important thing is to try to play well and get a positive result”

Soon Milito also will star in another derby between Argentina and Brazil …
“We’ll talk after the derby. Now we think about Milan.”

The images showed that during Inter-Bari wanted to beat the penalty kick. Why had this desire?
“I wanted because I have always kicked the penalties. There were two, the coach told us to decide between us. Samuel had confidence to succeed and there was no problem.”

But there is a penalty taker at this time?
“Yes, it’s me and Samuel. The coach has always told us to decide for themselves.”

Having obtained a draw in the first home match against Bari, feel the pressure because he had not yet demonstrated the strength of the whole? “There’s no pressure, our only pressure is to try to work well and that is what we are doing. We have a big game from affronatre which certainly has much to win, but our only problem now is to work for try to play well. ”

How wrong weighs a goal like that had happened in the game against Bari in a team like Inter?
“It weighs the same. I happen to fail so many times when I played with Genoa and it happened again on Sunday against Inter.’s Disappointment for not being able to finalize an occasion is the same, but they are quiet because, I repeat, l ‘it is important to create situations then when we will also acquire more accurate goals and will be even quieter.

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