Milito: "We are Inter and we'll battle"

APPIANO GENTILE – Battle. That’s what Diego
Milito aims to do this season, as he explained during this
afternoon’s press conference. Asked if Inter will be in the mix
for the Scudetto, he replied: "We have to battle and that’s what we’re going to do. Winning isn’t
easy but we’re going to fight; we’re Inter and we have good foundations to
build on."

The Prince is raring to go – you can see it in his eyes and from the way
he articulates each word. He wants to be at least as prolific as he
was  from January last season ("I sure hope so"), but he
also stressed that the main thing is "the group, that the whole team
performs well, not whether I score as much as last year."

The journalists tried to pin Diego down on the transfer market and tease an answer out of him as to who he
recommends as "Milito’s understudy". The Argentine striker
sidestepped the question: "I think that’s something you should ask
the club. It’s not my place to advise on such matters, I just get on
with training and giving 100%."

Next came a comparison between this summer and the one that came
before Inter’s incredibly successful 2010, between Andrea Stramaccioni and José
Mourinho: "We have to wait until 31 August before we can even start to compare things, but every coach is different; every coach puts his
own stamp on things. We’ll try to do our best to carry out what the
coach wants from us. There are certain things that are similar, including the
winning mentality here, which reminds me of what we had in that team."

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