Milan Borriello takes his hand: “With me it VINCE”, but with Beckham and Dinho …

AC Milan wins when he’s there. And ‘this short interview that the juice Marco Borriello has released exclusively to’ Tuttosport ‘on the eve of the derby against’ Inter.

With Borriello in the field, even last season, the Rossoneri win and entertain, and to point this out is the same former Genoa striker: “When I returned to the team, fortunately we started winning. Even last year when I felt good playing with Ancelotti . The last I remember was played before the accident at Lecce, and we were first. Then I hurt e. .. “.

But he who has brought so much stability in this Milan is another: “Without taking anything away from Pato, but Beckham has brought the right balance, both in defensive and attack because we are more dangerous with his cross.”

With Dinho so then, thinking back to last year when watching the games from the bench: “It can become stronger than when he was in Barcelona, and brings lots of joy. Last year was perhaps a bit ‘blurred by Kaka … .

And the derby? Will be the decisive test: “On Sunday we will find our value. Inter is a great test bed, we are curious to get in the game.”

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