Massimo Moratti speaks to Videolina

MILAN – Massimo Moratti commented again on Sunday’s match between Inter and Cagliari when telephoned by Videolina director Emanuele Dessì: "Cagliari are the best opposition we’ve faced so far, definitely the team that has caused us the most problems," the president stated. "The papers were more interested in whipping up controversy than talking about Cagliari’s performance. After the match I said to [Cagliari president Massimo] Cellino, ‘You’ve put together a wonderful team’ and I said I hoped he could keep hold of two coaches who seem to be very talented."

When asked about the penalty not given to Inter, the Nerazzurri president replied: "It’s sort of thing that can happen in football. The problem is that it happens every Sunday, that’s the negative thing."

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