Massimo Moratti: "I believe in Inter"

APPIANO GENTILE – When you meet the sponsors, figures are on the agenda, so it helps if the numbers are healthy like Inter’s. Surprise guest Massimo Moratti, greeted by rapturous applause, was invited to take the floor. Here the figures are important but so too is his vision for Inter. Different and unique. A big thank you to those who invest in Inter.

"It’s an investment I’ve been making for years. I believe in Inter, not only from a financial perspective but I think Inter will be a model club and its this aspect of investment which I like."

Values which at times mean making sacrifices, an approach which the supporters agree with, both in Italy and abroad – especially overseas. A word on China, then thoughts turned to the action on the pitch because "our overall success with Inter is helped by our achievements on the field of play – that’s what this club is all about."

Andrea Stramaccioni represents both continuity and modernity at the same time. The president explained: "I wasn’t especially brave in choosing him, I thought he had all the attributes necessary to do the job and I was right about his qualities as a human being. While acknowledging the recent past, this was a turning point, both from a sporting and political sense, in an economy which must give us the strength to find positive values. We work harder and it’s a good lesson for life. And we rely on a bit more creativity."

The team.

"I like being able to put my trust in young people and those who have made history at the club. I feel able to do so and that’s the best thing."

How could Andrea Stramaccioni follow that up? He joked that it was impossible to top that but he spoke about his role in the project.

"This is a very important year, where we’re building on Inter’s core values – which I believe very much in. It’s a key year, we want to be back challenging for trophies, the road will be tough and that’s why I wanted to be here to thank the partners. They give us a lot of confidence and it’s thanks to this that we can create a wider group which extends beyong the field of play."

Francesco Toldo announced the 15th year of Inter Campus and presented the brochure which is set to be released, compiled by Skira. Two hundred pictures from around the world, with Francesco declaring that "Inter Campus is unique."

Marco Fassone, appointed chief executive three months ago, was the last to speak. A thoroughly professional individual, he’s part of the new order which the president spoke about.

Three months were enough to understand how unique Inter is. The figures confirm it, but they on their own cannot explain why.

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