Marco Branca on the market: “We assess the injured, then we will decide”

Inter leads the standings with 8 points ahead of Milan. But Marco Branca, director of the Inter coach, limits any early enthusiasm for him, explaining that the games are far from being defined closed. “There are still many matches – said on the sidelines of a meeting organized by players, coaches and referees at the end of the First Half – and many teams are going up. There is a return to Rome, the confirmation of Naples …” . Another issue is particularly hot market, with Inter Milan next, according to rumors, to get their hands on Kolarov and Ledesma. Even here, however, Branca throws water on the fire: “At the moment exclude the existence of negotiations. Tomorrow there will be a resumption of training and we will assess the extent of injured. Then we will decide.”

The DT Inter also has a suggestion to combat racism in stadiums, suggesting a greater involvement of the directors of the race. According to Branca, “the referee must do what the regulation allows it. But even a simple gesture like a pat on the shoulder to the subject of racist taunts player may be important.”

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