Maicon to join Serie D side?

The president of Serie D side Sona has revealed former Inter defender Maicon could join the club until the end of the season.

The Brazilian plays for Villa Nova Atletico Clube in his native country but he could make a shock return to Italy.

Claudio Ferrarese, the president of Serie D side Sona, in Veneto, admitted the former Roma and Manchester City defender is in talks to move to the club.

“I don’t dare say this but it’s all true,” Ferrarese told Padova Sport.

“We had this idea a month and a half ago but we need to take several steps, it’s not done yet.

“One of my assistants has contacts in Brazil, where Maicon plays for Villa Nova. He is fit and he’d like to return to Italy.

“He has businesses running in Milan and he could live and play in Verona until the end of the season.

“It would be a dream and a huge step in terms of visibility for us.”


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