Lucio: "Head right and motivated"

APPIANO GENTILE – Here we present the full version of the interview given by the Nerazzurri defender Lucio, who spoke to the microphones of the Italia 1 programme Controcampo Linea Notte:

Lucio, did you re-watch the replays of your clash with Stekelenburg? It was a clash that appeared to be completely accidental.
‘I saw the replay on TV. It all happened in one moment; a fast ball on a wet pitch, then Stekelenburg came quickly off his line. I didn’t see him because I was looking at the ball that went under me. I thought I got the ball and I was surprised at how quickly he got there. In the dressing room during halftime I spoke with the doctor [Roma’s doctor, ed.] who reassured me of his condition. Thank God. And also today I heard that it’s nothing serious, and that calms me. Then this morning I also spoke with Wesley [Sneijder, ed.], who’s in contact with him, and he told me he’s fine. This makes me feel a bit more at ease. Throughout my career I never wanted to hurt a fellow player and today I’m very sad because I never would have wanted what happened last night to occur. Unfortunately it’s one of those things that can sometimes happen in football.’

Elia, the Dutch player with Juventus, posted on his twitter account that he hates you for what happened with Stekelenburg.
‘It’s normal because now he’s a Juventus player. I would never say something like that. I don’t hate anyone. This is something particular that he said. I don’t think it’s right to talk about because he can’t say or know what happened on the pitch. I don’t know why he said that. However, it doesn’t really matter to me. The only important thing is that Stekelenburg is well. As I said, it was something unintentional. What Elia said was a stupid thing.’

Speaking of the match, you can say that yesterday we saw some progress compared to the last few matches.
‘Yes, this is true. The team played better. It’s normal that both Inter and Roma wanted to win that match. The important thing is that our team improved compared to the first two matches against Palermo and Trabzonspor. What’s important is to look ahead and have your head right in order to do better in the next match.’

Last night there was some booing from the stands. Wesley Sneijder said that it’s reductive to blame the coach.
‘I think it’s a normal reaction when the results aren’t going well, especially for a team that has won so much over the past two years. At this moment we don’t need for anyone to tell us that we have to improve and that we have to win. This is a moment in which the fans and those who care about Inter need to simply cheer in the right way, because it’s the only way to help the team.’

Against Roma the 3-man defence also did well.
‘The most important things are: to have your head right and be motivated, as a player must be. Tactics can change depending on how an opponent plays, but when you are motivated things definitely go better. I believe the 3-man defence can be a system that adapts well to this team. Everyone works to the maximum and it’s normal that it takes a bit of time to adjust, but I think it went pretty well yesterday.’

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