Kuzmanovic: "Stankovic my idol"

– Zdravko Kuzmanovic
returns to Italy three and a half years after ending his time at Fiorentina. Under Cesare
Prandelli he played on the right of a three-man midfield, whereas Inter currently play with two central midfielders. “I can
play in both positions because at Stuttgart I was employed in front
of the defence and at Fiorentina I played in a wider role,” the
Serbian midfielder explained during his press conference today. “I’ve
spoken to Stramaccioni, I know what he wants me to do and I’ll try to
carry out his instructions as best I can. Am I ready to switch to
a deeper midfielder role? As I said, I played there for Stuttgart. It
was new to me initially but then I spent three and a half years
playing in that position. I think I can do a good job of it here too.”

Kuzmanovic ready to perform in front of a demanding set of fans such as the Meazza
faithful? “I’m never afraid and I’m not scared of making my debut at
the Meazza either. I’m determined to show the fans how important it
is for me to be a success in these colours. The fans were demanding
at Fiorentina and also at Stuttgart, I’m used to it. I’m very
happy to be here and I’m determined to show what I can do. We were talking with
Inter about coming here at the end of the season, but then everything
changed really quickly. I’m here now and I’m happy
to have come early because it means I can get to know the other
players well and how they play.”

Kuzmanovic concluded: “When I was a kid, it was always my dream to
play alongside Dejan Stankovic and now it’s come true. I think he’s an incredible player because he was the Serbia captain and he’s won
everything with Inter. He’s my role model and my inspiration. I look
at what he’s achieved in his career and I hope to be able to do
something similar.”

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