José Mourinho number 1 for AIPS

LONDON – (by Gianni Merlo, AIPS President) – José Mourinho is currently the most highly valued trainer in the world, according to a survey made during the 73rd annual congress of the International Sports Press Association, AIPS held this week in Antalya, Turkey.

The question "Who is the best trainer in the world?" was put to 200 journalists from 96 countries, and the results were as follows: Mou was preferred by 36%, Ferguson by 20%, Hiddink by 13.3%, Capello by 9.3%, Lippi by 8%, Dunga by 6.7%, Bielsa by 4% and Van Gaal by 2.7%. Mou is a great communicator and knows how to create interest – even when he’s frowning and silent, he creates a sensation.

He never goes unnoticed. He’s also careful about the way he dresses. He knows how to go onstage. He steals the show so he’s loved – and hated. I rarely write about football; I amuse myself arguing with Lippi and Capello because there’s always something to learn and I admit that I’d love to have the opportunity to talk about sport with Mou because he has a lively mind. It’s not by accident that he was chosen by colleagues from around the world as Number 1.

In Antalya we also asked who would be top scorer in South Africa and Lionel Messi won hands down, being chosen 43%. He was followed by Rooney with 14.9%, Kaka with 9.2%, Fabiano with 8.1%, Torres with 6.9%, Ronaldo and Villa with 5.8%, Drogba with 4.6% and Klose with 1.2%.

Brazil was considered the favourite for the title with a margin of 4.4% over Argentina, i.e. 28.3% against 23.9%, followed by Spain at 19.6%, England at 10.9%, Italy and Germany at 6.5% and the Netherlands at 4.4%.


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