Jose did his job

Jose Mourinho told Ibrahimovic to swith agent according to reports, and just after one day, Zlatan told the press that he is not leaving Inter.

Probably, his agent told him that there are no offers, or Ibra told him that they shouldn’t do this anymore.

Maybe, it’s only because the coach told him to clear himself until the preparations in USA starts for next season.

“I am seeing my friends, we are organising a trip abroad. I read the papers and I am resting. From time to time, I call my agent [Mino] Raiola and I ask him, ‘Is this or that true?’

“He laughs and says, ‘No.’ I see and hear many things. It’s fun reading that one day I am in Madrid, the next in Barcelona or London. The thing is that today my future is Inter.

“But anything can happen. No one can guarantee you the future. But for now there is just Inter.”

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