Inter v Chelsea

It is the attended challenge more of eighth of end of Champions League. Of forehead the squares who are dominating Series To and League Prime Minister, two rmored to the appearance imbattibili that ambiscono to make the large voice also in Europe. Roman Abramovich wants to see the fruits of on the huge economic investments and tip to raise that goblet that he has only caress before that Terry slipped on the floppy disk in the decisive rigor of end 2008 to Moscow against Manchester United. Moratti maximum dreams to bring back in the showcase nerazzurra the trophy for more important club, to 45 years of distance from the last one succeeding signed from papa Angel. It is crash also between trainers, with Mourinho that hopes to eliminate the square who have guided for 3 acute years without international and Ancelotti that aimed at the tris with the Blues after to have prevailed on the park bench of the Milan in 2003 and 2007. Evening for strong hearts to Saint Siro, we go to live in preview match the unit for unit.

Inter: Alarm to the eve for the street incident of Julio Cesar. Great fright for the Brazilian porter, than fortunately has brought back only some contusion to the face. For nothing to the world it would want to jump the game of the year, less than clamorous dramatic turn of events it to answer from par its to the broadsides of Drogba and companions will be. The brace centers is tested them and of sure confidence: Lucio and Samuel have physicist, experience and the just badness, is extraordinary in the aerial game and knows also to become dangerous in offensive phase. On the right a super ones left of Maicon attends, author up to now of hardly discreet a pre-world-wide season. Taken action of the forfait of Chivu and Santon on the left Zanetti, always precious will act capitan also in role that it has not never too much loved.
Chelsea: Ancelotti has more of gatta to peel. The hole is on the left, where Ashley Cole has finished the season after the fracture to the ankle and the natural substitute Zhirkov has accused a problem to the calf in the last contest of championship in house of the Wolverhampton. The Brazilian would have to be schierato Make-ups, also he veteran from a accident and much more to its comfort on the corsia of right. The rest of the rearguard is of high level, with the experts Ivanovic and Ricardo Carvalho to give man capitan to Terry hard, protagonist recently more for its loving vicissitudes that for the performances in field. Between the poles space to the Cech Czech, returned to the pomps of a time after some seasons under tone daughters of the terrible accident to the skull of 14 October 2006. In spite of the high stature of its members, the rear package of the Blues suffers tantissimo on placed soccer, the Inter must be ready to be useful of.

Inter: The centrocampo nerazzurro is the unit that offers less guarantees. Cambiasso is not to the top of the condition and in the last escape of championship against the Sampdoria it has shown a nervousness that never has not been in its ropes. Mourinho cannot make less of the ductility and the grinta of Stankovic, but the Serb is veteran from more than a month stop and he will not be to 100%. The trio in median would have to be completed from the ghanese Muntari, not a lot loved from the public of Saint Siro above all for its opaque apparitions in international field. The lucente star is Wesley Sneijder, the grimaldello precious on hand of Mourinho in order to unhinge the roccaforte English. The former trequartista of Real Madrid knows to be decisive like little others to the world, or in the debit depth to the maneuver that on placed soccer. If it guesses the game for the Inter it can be all in reduction.
Chelsea: The absence of Essien is a heavy burden for Ancelotti. The ghanese is only in the debit quality and amount on the median line, to its place will act the nigeriano Obi Mikel, a tactically diligent element in front of the defense. Attention to Lampard, than seppur veteran from an internal virus knows to boast in contests thus high level. The centrocampista of national English always has been protagonist in last editions of Champions League, has ability of insertion and fiuto of the goal outside from the municipality. In the aerial game it could make it from landladies the Ballack German, than to the threshold of the 34 years it is living a second giovinezza and it finds always space in the eleven of the Italian technician. On the trequarti a redivivo Malouda will act: 29enne the centrocampista French, after some seasons in shadow, has caught up the same standards of World-wide 2006 and knows to become much insidioso to the shoulders of the tips, varying from one wraps to the other.

Inter: The certainty of Josè Mourinho answers to the name of Diego Milito. The Prince is the true surprise of the interista season, marks with a monstrous continuity and she is not pulled never behind when it must sacrifice itself for the square. It has given to the decisive one rimonta on the ghiacciato field of the Kiev Dynamo, now the tifosi nerazzurri attend the acute resolver in the attended night more. Al its Pandev flank appears in advantage on Eto’o. The macedone, arrived to January from the Lazio, has integrated itself perfectly with the unit companions, has an enviable physical condition and she agrees to wonder with I support. The camerunense, for its part, son of the Goblet of Africa has still some physical problem, but its experience internazione could make the difference, however does not mark to case decisive nets in two ends of Champions. The paper to surprise to play to separated in course is Mario Balotelli, shining every time that subentra from the fundamental park bench and in the happened one on the Rubin Kazan that has guaranteed the access to eighth.
Chelsea: The feared man more is Didier Drogba. 32enne the ivoriano forward already has realized 25 nets in this season and is living one of its better vintage years. Ancelotti stravede for he, has become the point of reference for the companions and a charismatic leader inside of the dressing room. Physically it is overflowing, under door does not pardon, to the par of Rooney is the centravanti more in form of the League Prime Minister. Eye also to Nicolas Anelka. 31enne the French forward is not advertised like the most illustrious companion than unit, but in the Chelsea she has found its just dimension and difficultly she mistakes a game. It knows to sacrifice itself in cover, has run and technical, it is cold in zone goal. For Scholars the two could not play entirety, Ancelotti is of seeming diametrically opposite and of it has made one of the best braces of attack of the world-wide panorama.

Numbers: The Castrol Rankings hangs clearly from the part of the Chelsea. The Blues, in fact, has very 5 players placed between the first 50 in classifies: Drogba (8°), Lampard (20°), Malouda (24°), Anelka (27°), Terry (45°). The best one of the nerazzurri is Samuel Eto’o (34°), to its shoulders they follow the Brazilians Julio Cesar (55°) and Lucio (79°).

Mourinho v Ancelotti: The two never have not been saved in front of the microphones.

Various, like buio and the night. But all adding similar. DNA issue, that Vincente. Josè Mourinho and Carl Ancelotti will newly tighten the hand, this evening, on the Prato of Saint Siro, for Inter-Chelsea. Interlacing from the thousand reasons of interest. There is the mail in racing silk of Champions League, naturally highest. And then that acerrima personal rivalry sharpened – if possible – from the passage of Carletto on the mistress Blues park bench of the Special One. Never they have not gone particularly in agreement, the two. Logical thus, in bottom, when it is found again to us to fight for the same objectives. In the last year and means, stinging company to suon of ironic blow and answer has held us but at the same time. After a rather mielosa eve, we travel over again better theirs siparietti…

The first one to begin the dances, strange but true, was the good Carletto. Still before that Mou disembarked in Italy, among other things. End 2007, rumors speaks about an alternation between Ancelotti and Mourinho on the park bench of the Milan. The liquid emiliano technician thus the voices: “More that to want it the Milan, they said that it is that he offers himself”. Heavier the second I sink, arrived in spring, on the same topic: “Mourinho to my place? We have already found the substitute of Costacurta, we had known if it before we would have inserted it in the staff. How assistant for the coach of the portieri? Not, never he has not played to soccer, he would not be in a position to kicking in door”. Troubles to wake up the can that it sleeps, say an old saying. The technician of the Milan noticed some in that occasion. The retort of the Special One arrived at the first opportunity useful, during its press conference like trainer of the Inter: “Task that Ancelotti has forgotten that a fundamental trainer in the history about the Milan, Arrigo Bags, has not played a better soccer of mine. And then mine odontoiatra it is best, but it has not never had badly of teeth…”. Retort embedded thus from Ancelotti, approximately a month more late: “Mourinho is a type detail. I have known, is much likeable one, but it appeals to make this type to it of arguments through newspapers. It is a little provocatore, we say thus”. And to think that it had not still seen nothing…

The first schermaglie to suon of innocuous shot with an arrow some have represented an appetizer kind. The capacities more important have arrived in the crucial moments of the season, like in the post-derby of return, that deciding from the goal of hand of Adrian. Unavoidable the controversies on milanista side, studied in the minimums details – like always – the answer of Mourinho: “Ancelotti is a great trainer, plays also he with the words and the emotions. And perhaps it thinks that the others are of the pirla. When it does not speak about as he has gained the last derby, with Kakà in position of fuorigioco, he demonstrates this clearly”. Declarations little appreciate to Milanello, like testified from a which released interview three weeks after from Ancelotti: “It is always spoken about the comunicatore Mourinho, a member who fascinates to me little of its personality, because often she says also useless things”. Al vitriol the counterattack of Mou, centralized on the presumed ones dictates tactical supplied from Berlusconi to the rossonero colleague: “A trainer can lose less all than its professional dignity, and one of the ways for a trainer in order to lose own professional dignity is made to make the formation from others”. Eccolo, the point of no return. It was in that occasion that Carletto said enough: “I will not more speak about the Inter and Mourinho till the end of the season and he council not to speak more about the Milan. Not servants”.

She has thought the destiny to us to divide their roads. Mourinho is remained to the Inter in spite of the court of Real Madrid, Ancelotti is flown to London, Chelsea side, there where the Special One had written the history. The newones of the Blues has intentional to put quickly from the things in luminosity, already from the day of the presentation: “Mourinho is not a my friend, solo a colleague”. Dose of poison raised the slid autumn, during a nose-dive of the “Chiambretti Night”: “If Mourinho feels Jesus, I am not sure a its apostle”. Then along Hush, intriso of indifference. Till the last days, those of the eve of Inter-Chelsea. The two, between real interviews and other refutation, have been pricked as usual, maintaining the tones on soothed levels. Mou has made the first movement (“Al Chelsea all me even seems or remained equal to when I was, the pre-leave heating”), Carletto has replied with garbo: “It is true that Mourinho is in the history of this club, but is true also that a sure Avram Grant has not made then thus badly, arriving until to the end of Champions”. Goal never centered from the Portuguese. At last the proposal reached from Ancelotti some day makes: “I have not never had the pleasure of drink of the wine with Josè, this will even be the just occasion in order to make it. After two or three glasies it always comes outside the truth”. How much would appeal to us to be there with they, after those due-tre glasies…

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