Inter stars and staff refuse pay cuts?

There are reports that Inter players have refused President Steven Zhang’s request to cut their wages, with even Antonio Conte and Beppe Marotta considering their future.

The Nerazzurri celebrated their Serie A title victory under a week ago, but the mood was brought right back down to earth when President Zhang outlined the extent of their financial issues.

He asked everyone from players to coach and staff to accept pay cuts in order to help the club move through the current financial climate.

It’s reported this would include giving up one month’s salary entirely and foregoing the Scudetto bonuses.

The Corriere dello Sport now suggests the players all refused, with some even reacting angrily to the request.

The same newspaper even maintains that coach Conte and directors Marotta and Piero Ausilio aren’t convinced by the situation either.

If they were to walk away, the Inter project would effectively have to start from scratch.

Conte and the two directors are under contract with Inter until June 2022.

Suning continue to seek new investors and in the meantime have restructured their financing to keep the club going, but have asked for big sacrifices from their players.

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