Inter Milan 2:1 FC Chelsea

A playful delicacy was not it, the inter and the FC Chelsea on the lawns „of the San Siro “. At the end the Italian master succeeded owing to his with 2:1. Chelsea had field advantages and more gate chances, it was missing however the striking power.

Inter Milan defeated the FC Chelsea in the round of the last sixteen Champions League with 2:1. „The Nerazzurri “set thereby a small exclamation mark, yet the starting situation for the English table leader is good. The hits in Milan obtained Diego Milito, Salomon Kalou and Esteban Cambiasso.


Inter Milan accumulated as expected in a 4-3-1-2-Formation: Behind the storm duo Samuel Eto’o/Diego Milito should out-rave itself producer Wesley Sneijder. Behind it Esteban Cambiasso, Thiago Motta and Dejan Stankovic secured. In the Viererkette accumulated Maicon, Samuel, Lucio and Javier Zanetti, Keeper Julio César stood after its car accident likewise in the starting eleven.

Chelsea coach Carlo Ancelotti surprised with his list: It decided for 4-3-3 and brought in absence the midfield player Florent Malouda learned by Ashley Cole and Yuri a Zhirkov as a left counsel for the defense. In the centre zone Lampard, John Obi Mikel and Michael Ballack, the Angriffstrio played franc formed Salomon Kalou, Nicolas Anelka and Didier Drogba.


The portion began with a beat of a kettledrum: No 180 seconds were in „the San Siro “completed, there already zappelte the leather in the gate of the guests. Wesley Sneijder served in central position Samuel Eto’o and Kamerunder was finely through on Diego Milito. The Argentine gate hunter shifted John Terry and shot in from eight meters to the 1:0 for inter. With this guidance in the back the hosts at the own Strafraum igelten themselves and left to Chelsea the centre zone.

The Londoner needed a few minutes, in order to digest the early arrears. After one quarter of an hour Didier Drogba met with a Freistoß only aluminum, shortly thereafter was Julio César with a abgefälschten shot Michael Ballacks on the post (18.). Chelsea had scarcely 60 per cent ball possession, was able it however not, the Passivität of the guests into permanent gate danger umzumünzen. It haperte usually at the final passport, besides Lucio/Samuel was first no coming through against the bulwark and it went with the limited guidance of the heads of the household into the break.


Also in the second passage it lasted not for a long time, before a hit fell, Chelsea
adjusted by Salomon Kalou. Before counsel for the defense Branislav Ivanovic a solo one had started and the ball in distress straight still to the Ivorer had gespitzelt. Kalou pushed the ball from 17 meters into the long corner, Julio César saw thereby not well out (51.).

Straight one as the play to favour of the guests tilted, slammed inter shut again. After a transverse racquet in the Strafraum „of the Blues “Esteban Cambiasso took off. Its first attempt was abgeblockt, the additional payment fit then exactly and the Italian master led again (55.). Chelsea lacked it striking power, so also with the thickest chance the last half hour, when franc Lampard failed after a beautiful transverse passport of Anelka free standing from eight meters because of Julio César. José Mourinho brought with Mario Balotelli and Goran Pandev still two blows aggressors, but the third hit did not succeed „to the Nerazzurri “.


Inters captain Javier Zanetti was once more a sample at reliability and sovereignty. In addition the goal scorers stood out Esteban Cambiasso and Diego Milito with the heads of the household. Wesley Sneijder had strong actions, in the meantime in addition, had dived.

With Chelsea Branislav Ivanovic pleased as a right defender, also John Obi Mikel and Michael Ballack a good day had gotten. Florent Malouda was long remarkable one hour, had then however large problems with the exchanged Mario Balotelli.


Inters hit to the 2:1 was worth for the Mourinho eleven gold. However not only, which concerns the result, but above all Cambiassos gate contained the euphoria of the Englishmen. These threatened to clearly get after reconciliation upper water.


Interior defender Lucio was with inter Milan the dominating man in the defensive. It stood out from not always safe May countries a defensive and carried against Didier Drogba great work out. The ex Bavarian win-strong 18 of its 19 duels.

ARBITRATOR: Manuel Mejuto Gonzalez – note: 3.5

The Spanish impartial one had to evaluate two critical situations in the first passage: First it showed Diego Milito after an alleged swallow in the Sechzehner the yellow map (22.), then he let further-play shortly before the break whistle after a contact between Salomon Kalou and walter Samuel, likewise in the Strafraum. With latter action the May countries have not might themselves weight, if it had given a Strafstoß. Altogether a unfortunate appearance of the Referees.

Note: The evaluation scale is enough as with the play note of one point (grottenschlecht) until ten points (world class).


Hochklassig was it definitely not, which both crews on May countries the lawn delivered. Much took place between the Strafräumen and it gave amazingly many ball losses on both sides. The speed was nevertheless high and the defense rows permitted some chances.


After strong season start Diego Milito slipped around the turn of the year into the Castrol of ranking. With important hits like its 1:0 today, he might climb soon again. At present it ranks with 671 points on rank 148.


Despite the 1:2 – defeat the Londoner will not be dissatisfied with this result. They are at home bear strong and an important Auswärtstor obtained. Inter has however the certainty to be able to defeat also the English table leader. That promises an interesting, exciting replay.

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