Inter Campus: Poland, 1st visit of the season

KRAKOW – Aside from the usual follow-up checks and refresher training courses for local educators, the main aim of a busy week’s visit was to consolidate the work of three new projects launched last season in Krakow. The projects, at the Domem Dziecka Sw Ludwiki and Dom Dziecka w Sieborowicach orphanages, as well as the Pogotowie Opiekuncze young offenders’ institute, were developed thanks to the help from the man in charge on sight, Aleksander Kawiorski.

Inter Campus coaches Paola Balconi and Roberto Picardi ran daily training sessions with the children in the new centres along with kids from the Saint Edwige parish, a long-running partner of Inter Campus in Poland, committed in the fight against the risks associated to alcoholism and other forms of social deviance, both in young people and adults.

The kids were delighted to be able to once again meet and play with the Inter Campus coaches, especially those from the orphanages who had been inside all summer.

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