Inter Campus: Nerazzurri week, final party

FOSSA (L’AQUILA)Nerazzurri Week, the special day camp organised for boys and girls in a district of L’Aquila, drew to a close amid excitement as a final party was organised for the kids.

More than three years have gone by since 6 April 2009 but sadly the earthquake remains etched in the memories of the people of L’Aquila, and its devastation is still plain to see.

After the 2009 initiatives for the children living in temporary tents, the 2010 football trip to Trentino, and last year’s camp in Scoppito, Inter Campus was back in L’Aquila between 3 and 7 September and the Nerazzurri are determined not to give up on these kids.

Nerazzurri Week brought a smile from 180 boys and girls who – with the colours of their heroes on their backs – trained on the pitch of San Gregorio and Fossa, with coaches Gabriele Raspelli, Silvio Guareschi,
Lorenzo Forneris and Lorenzo Gironi, ably supported by a team of local educators.

Delighted by the games and the new friends they made during the camp, the kids loved the final party on Friday 7 September, with Francesco Toldo in attendance to sign autographs and greet the little ones and their families.

We would like to thank all the partner organisations who made this event possible: l’Ufficio
Scolastico Regionale per l’Abruzzo – Coordinamento Educazione
Fisica e Sportiva, il Consiglio Regione Abruzzo, l’Assessorato ai
Trasporti Regione Abruzzo, la Provincia dell’Aquila, il Comune
dell’Aquila, il Comune di Fossa, Ferrovia Adriatico Sangritana spa,
Fondazione Abruzzo Risorge, Fondazione Carispaq, Convitto Nazionale
‘D. Cotugno’, ASD San Gregorio Calcio, ASD Fossa Calcio,
Misericordia l’Aquila, Inter Club l’Aquila Francesco Maria
Esposito e Inter Club Abruzzo, l’Associazione Silikon Klaun.

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