Infantino: ‘We must avoid war in football’

FIFA President Gianni Infantino says he wants to ‘avoid conflict’ and aims to ‘build a different future’ after the Super League controversy.

The football institutions are discussing the measures and sanctions for the clubs attempting to break away by creating the Super League – including Inter, Juventus and Milan.

Infantino, however, doesn’t want war and hopes to resolve any issues through ‘dialogue’.

“We must avoid talking about war when it comes to football,” Infantino told L’Equipe. “Especially at a time like this when the whole world is dealing with an unprecedented pandemic.

“It’s the task of the national institutions, then of UEFA and then of FIFA, to take the appropriate decisions.

“Even in the most delicate situations, I’m for dialogue and not for conflicts. A leader has the duty to ask himself why all this has come about and, starting from this question, build a different future by talking and listening to everyone, especially the fans, who are the heart of football.

“Certain sanctions could have important consequences and then we should take responsibility for them.

“It’s to be understood what measures are being talked about. I hear that clubs must be punished, but this could also mean punishing the players, coaches and fans of the clubs involved, who have nothing to do with the Super League project.

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