Ibrahimovic: ‘Brazilian Ronaldo was the best’

Zlatan Ibrahimovic names Ronaldo ‘Il Fenomeno’ because the best player of all time, but there’s something about LeBron James he doesn’t like.

The Milan striker spoke to UEFA and Discovery+ in Sweden about his career and was asked about his personal choice for GOAT.

“I always tell everyone who plays with me: Ronaldo is football. That Ronaldo is football,” said Ibrahimovic, pertaining to the Brazilian who played for Inter, Real Madrid and Milan.

“The way he moved, the way he did those step-overs, those mazy runs. In my view, he’s the simplest player in history, little question about it.”

Ibra did have something to mention about basketball hero LeBron James et al. who use their platform as sports stars to fight for social change.

“What he does is phenomenal, but I don’t love it when people with a particular ‘status’ mention politics. Do what you’re good at. I play football because i’m the simplest at it. If i used to be an official , I’d have gone into politics.

“This is that the first mistake that famous people make once they desire they’ve arrived. i feel it’s better to steer beyond these issues and do what you’re good at.”

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