Herta Berlin in crisis, easier to get Kacar

A crisis that does not seem to have fine, that of the Herta Berlin in Bundesliga. After umpteenth the lean figure against the Norimberga, the tifosi of the square of happen them German have given to life to a deplorable protest invading the field in mass. A reaction to a by now indefensible situation, with the square to 9 points from the zone salvation (by now condemned to the demotion) and a club in deep economic crisis. Situation that could concur with the Inter is made ahead for the Balkan Gojko Kaçar, for a long time marked talent from Mourinho because equipped of talent and physical force, the ideal for the centrocampo nerazzurro. Then, to 23 years, the increase margins are remarkable. Probably the society nerazzurra will continue to hold monitorata the situation of Kaçar, in order it is ahead made at the just moment and to try to tear it to the Herta to a convenient figure.

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