Here you Carlsen, yet another talented Nerazzurri in the launch pad

Making a virtue of necessity. This is the phrase that stands at the head of Jose Mourinho: The Inter coach for the trip to Bari end up with a midfield decimated by numerous absentees, including Stankovic, Krhin, Motta and that Cambiasso that called not even seem capable of be the first minute. Thus, the Special One has opted for the solution of young talent to run without fear of Spring, as it did against Chievo and against Siena. Today it came the first call for another little boy born 1991, which promises well, and on which Mourinho is determined to count: we are talking about Sebastian Carlsen, born in Helsingborg midfielder bursting January 9, 1991.

Its history is inextricably linked to Inter, who at the age of 16 years has torn all’Helsingborg, where he was trained to bring students Nationalists, led by Daniele Bernazzani, with whom he won the Scudetto category in 2008. This season, his first year in the pink of the Inter Primavera, Seba has played 22 ‘in the friendly played in Lugano in September, 77’ in the one played in Piacenza in October and 18 ‘in Vaduz last November in Inter – Liechtenstein. Those were just the first signs of a talent yet to be discovered, and its tomorrow night at St. Nicholas the Nerazzurri people may find yet another gem, which continue the strip SAMPLE pulled out of the youth responding to the names of Balotelli, Santon, Krhin, Stevanovic, Donati. The number of mesh that will be wearing the 44, a figure below 45 SuperMario, his friend is a sign of destiny? Let’s hope so …

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