Gillet: “We will give something extra against Inter”

Saturday at the San Nicola di Bari reach the Inter goalkeeper and Galletti, Jean-Francois Gillet, spoke about the match that will “try to make a game and we know that each of us is asked to give a little more. I remember the great personality that we showed at the San Siro and a pair of scoring in the final. We left happy to have played well and started on the right foot the championship. ”

The Bari is present in this delicate challenge a week later to say the least unfortunate for the team of Mr. Ventura: “It was not easy for a week with the injury to Bari Frog, the disqualification of Almiron, the defeat of Florence. Go say a word more to our friend the frog. And ‘a pillar of our defense and will be thinking of absence. With Bonucci and me we like to call the triangle of the’ Bermuda ‘. Our thoughts are with him. On the disqualification of Almiron these things happen in football. It was certainly a moment of great form for him and then for the whole team. Against Inter we can not rest easy. We must stay focused, do what until now we did against all teams. Only in this way can aspire to something good. ”

Then a joke about Mario Balotelli and its well-known problem with many supporters of our football. Gillet is sure that the public Bari will, as often happens, the positive and status: “Our supporters will behave as they did semrpe with great accuracy. We are a nation of racists. In fact I think that Italy is generally not is. We are in 2010 and these things must be in there more, yellow, black, white, red … but joking, we are all equal. There will be a great frame of the public but we knew this, considering how many are away . We hope to give him another magical evening. “

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