From Fantantonio Cassano beautiful words to Moratti, Mourinho and Balotelli

In the eyes and minds of sports that goal is still amazing that he delivered, 17 years in the firmament of the rising stars of Italian football. Few years a few ups and many downs, until the definitive consecration with the shirt of Sampdoria. But it is inevitable that the challenge for Antonio Cassano between Bari and Inter represents for him something important. It was the game that in December of 11 years ago marked his debut in Serie A, crowned with the amazing sprint ended with the final goal 2-1: interview with Rai Sport for the program ‘Dribbling’, Cassano still remembers that moment: ” It ‘a goal that has changed my life – admits Cassano – positive but also negative. I was 17 and the world at hand, now I’m mad because it balanced out of ten things I do, at least eight I think. ”

Cassano has always professed an Inter fan, and during the interview also mentions how many times Massimo Moratti has tried to court him to bring it Nerazzurri in recent times also, and I thank him: “I must thank him: it was always in the forefront to make love. If you did not go to Inter because someone said the wrong things about me. ” But Fantantonio also has warm words for his ‘friend’ JosĂ© Mourinho: “E ‘bravissimo to dupe the press, does what he wants. And’ perfect for Italy”, and also for the team in general: “Inter is too much stronger than the others. If he decides he wants to win by five or six days in advance in two months asleep and end of the championship games. Finally, even in defense spending by Mario Balotelli: “It ‘really good, but sometimes turns doing bad things: often goes over the top but it does not hurt anyone. I do not think there’s racism against him.” Dedicated to the blue jerseys last thought: “No matter what happens the national team was, is and always will be an important part of me. I have trouble saying virtue Italy.

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