EXCLUSIVE – Agent Toivomaki: “Trust in the nose of Mourinho”

His name is Henri Toivomaki, was born in Finland in Mäntsälä February 21, 1991, and plays as a central defender with FC Lahti. Versatile defender, has played well as low side is left or right, Toivomaki is one of the best talents of Scandinavian football. Inter, which in recent years has led the process of scouting at lofty levels, has long been on the player enough to invite him to take an audition in recent days. FcInterNews.it contacted the agent of the young defender, Roberto De Fanti, to understand what is the state of the art.
De Fanti, we confirmed that the company is following Nerazzurri time his client?
“The boy had been in Milan already three or four years ago and even if there has been – because of his young age – Inter have kept him under constant observation.”
Who has vision?
“Pierluigi Casiraghi (Head of Research of the youth sector, ndr) went to Finland last summer and got to know and appreciate.”
What are the strengths of Toivomaki?
“It plays in central defense but can play any defensive role. Last year he played 14 games, while this season he has collected 24 coins that are not just for a boy in ’91. ”
In these days, is under the watchful eye of Piero Ausilio, head of youth Nerazzurri.
“Yes, that’s it: he arrived Monday and Friday will be back in Finland.”
Knows what the first impressions?
“No, I’m doing so that the boy was training with regularity and tranquility.”
“We will wait calmly the outcome of the test: Inter have priority, because at youth level is at the top, and visibility is at the highest levels.”
In addition we can say that Mourinho, in its young, is a guarantee.
“He says well, we are counting on this. The Portuguese coach is one of the few coaches know how to deal with the very young and has no fear or hesitation in the fray. ”
The successful conclusion of this deal is entirely up to Inter?
“Again, we expect a response because the player can be taken either on loan, with a right of redemption, that with an outright purchase.”
You can establish an evaluation?
“I think it’s premature.
If the audition with Inter does not have a positive outcome?
“We will try other solutions: there is more than a few European clubs interested in Henri.

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