During the night more challenging, the rearguard back soles

Perhaps it was the derby of Diego Milito, great player with goals, great play and a spirit of sacrifice incredible was the derby will Goran Pandev, who would not even imagined in his wildest dreams a goal like that, have been the derby Javier Zanetti, for which we have now completed their adjectives, but it was primarily the derby of the defense, an entire department on their shields. The rearguard Nerazzurri (5 goals conceded in the last 3 races) is back in the evening and lasts longer with 70 minutes left to play outnumbered, impenetrable armor, worn by muscular Lucio and Samuel, who have zeroed Borriello, hedging and Zanetti Maicon and Ronaldinho on the great race of David Beckham on Santon, which limited the Spice Boy very well, but was mainly an evening of Julio Cesar.
The Brazilian goalkeeper picks up, on the evening of the season, the scepter of world number one, scepter that was his last year. Half time routine for the Inter goalkeeper, just busy, thanks to the work of the central pair, but always attentive and safe exit. In the second half when Milan and Inter had led inevitably take a breath, Julio was up in the chair. Great response on the header from Seedorf. As they say in these cases, the attacker creates and maintains the goalkeeper. Julio Cesar made it to the big, still a miracle on a close shot of Huntelaar and then the icing on the cake, a gem of a Ronaldinho penalty kick saved, with a flash unbelievable. Caressa said in news that Brazil has turned off the light at San Siro and with it the last hopes Rosson, scontratesi inevitably an armor against insurmountable, a shell that has the names of Defense Nerazzurri, with Julio Cesar number one overall.

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