Di Canio: ‘Conte has nothing to do with Eriksen’

‘Antonio Conte checks on how Inter players have sex,’ says former Serie A and Premier League star Paolo di Canio who adds: ‘Eriksen has nothing to do with him.’

“Conte is maniacal in everything, he also checks on how his players have sex,” Di Canio told Sky Sport.

It was Conte himself who revealed he advises his players how to have sex, in an interview released with L’Equipe in November 2019. “I advise my players to have sex for short periods and with the minimum of effort,” he said.

Inter lost the derby clash against Milan on Saturday with the Italian tactician who once again failed to give Christian Eriksen a spot in his starting XI.

“Eriksen has nothing to do with Conte,” insisted Di Canio.

“Both from the character and technical point of view. It’s a totally different way to play.

“Eriksen does back heel passes and all that, it is another type of football. Here you can’t allow it. He has no emotionality either, whether he wins 4-0 or loses 4-0 he looks the same.

“Conte likes those who get excited and give everything.”





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