Deki on Prima Serata: "Tough on the sidelines"

APPIANO GENTILE – Dejan Stankovic will be the guest on Inter Channel‘s Prima Serata, in a special episode on Monday evening. Everyone is keen to see him back in action, the fans – who left several messages for him via the show – as well as the coach and the club who see him playing a key role.

The Serbian midfielder was not about to put a time frame on his return to full fitness though, preferring to stress the importance of coming back 100%: "I don’t know when I’ll be fit again, the second operation put things back slightly but it had to be done. Now let’s try and take things one step at a time. When I come back I want to make sure it’s for a sustained period. I can’t wait to get back out there. It’s hard looking on from the sidelines, being so far away from the action is not easy to take."

The fans are also curious as to what position Deki will be playing once he’s back available for selection: "First I need to get fit, then feel good, earn my place, and only then can we talk about where I’ll play. Knowing the coach I would think just in front of the defence but – as I’ve said – there’s a long way to go yet," smiled Stankovic before he was asked about his future. This was his response: "I’m just thinking about playing, I’ve still got a lot of hunger. Either way I see my future in football. Will I stay at the club when I retire? I’ve said it hundreds of times before, I feel part of a family here, I’d love to stay at the club. Even if I don’t end up staying, I’ll always be available for Inter."

And what if his great friend Sinisa Mihajlovic were to call him? "I’d be up for it but we’d need to see if I could work with Sinisa, he’s a tough nut! Seriously though, all I’m thinking about for now is getting fit again."

All this and much more tonight at 21:00 on Inter Channel’s Prima Serata. Read the second instalment of the interview on at 19:00.

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