Cordoba: "Working together for the good of Inter"

PESCARA ? Tonight’s Serie A match against Pescara is also a debut for Ivan Ramiro Cordoba in his new role as team manager. The ex-Nerazzurri defender spoke to Sky Italia about what it feels like: “It’s very different now but I’m adapting to my new job. I’m here to help my former team-mates, to make sure they have everything they need to do well. That’s my intention and it’s the same as the club’s and all the directors’.”

Cordoba was asked to comment on Antonio Cassano’s new-found maturity: “After what he’s done and experienced I see him as a more mature player because the things that have happened in his life, both good and bad, have changed him for the better. Now he’s part of this group and he wants to achieve the same targets we all do, the ones outlined by the club and the coach. They have been very clear with him and Antonio wants to respond on the pitch and in the dressing room – he knows that’s the only way you can achieve your targets. He’s one of those players who can win a game by himself. We all know he has a natural talent, and that’s why he can be so important.”

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