Chivu injury

Cristian Chivu risked death after “a very rare and serious complication,” but is now ready to star in the Scudetto showdown for Inter.

The defender fractured his skull during the 1-0 win over Chievo on January 6 when he accidentally collided with Sergio Pellissier.

He had emergency surgery and still sports a large scar on his head, but made his comeback on Wednesday and will play against Roma with the aid of a protective helmet.

“The trauma caused a bruise around the brain that is a very rare and serious complication, because it can deteriorate suddenly,” explained Professor Broggi, who performed the surgery.

“A typical case is when a person arrives at the ER after a car accident and says he’s fine, then suddenly collapses to the ground without any apparent reason.

“If there are no neurosurgeons nearby at that moment, then there is real trouble.”

Chivu started in Wednesday’s 3-0 win over Livorno and is expected to play against Roma at 17.00 this evening.

“The lad has now recovered and from next season will not need the helmet any more. At this time he’s mainly wearing it for a sense of psychological security.

“His recovery was primarily down to him. We are dealing with a very motivated, aware and professional person.

“He can connect his head with both the ball and the heads of opposition players. His case is different to that of Petr Cech, as there are no metal plates involved.”

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