Chelsea-Inter: 0-1 (Champions league)

The 0-1 comparison between Chelsea and Inter Ends, valid contest for the return of eighth of end of Uefa Champions League. The Inter qualification to the quarters, thanks to the net of Samuel Eto’o to the 33 ‘ of the resumption.

The first time passes to inviolate nets, with the Chelsea bridled from the pressing of the Inter. The nerazzurri they hold well, thanks also to the defense, that it succeeds to grant little of forehead to the offensive of the blues, that they find the better occasion with Anelka, in the last minuteren. Of Eto’o instead the more dangerous action of the Inter, to the 33 ‘, of head. According to time it begins with the Chelsea still more aggressive and the match one becomes nervous: fioccano the yellows. But to the quarter now the Inter reacts, before with Pandev and then with I support, but without fortune. The nerazzurri they insist: to 20 ‘ Argentine us new evidence, primed from Sneijder, but wastes kicking badly. Al 25 ‘ the occasion passes from the head of Thiago Motta, on the punishment of Sneijder, but the ball ends little over the crosspiece. The Inter is made more aggressive and in fact to the 34 ‘ the advantage arrives nerazzurro, thanks to the goal of Eto’o, of skillful outside in race, served from a cross perfect of Sneijder. The park bench nerazzurra explodes of joy. The match between Chelsea and Inter 0-1 finishes, with the nerazzurri of Mourinho that are characterized to the quarters of end.

FIRST TIME – For this return of eighth of end of Uefa Champions League, after the Victoria nerazzurra for 2-1 to the gone one, José Mourinho chooses capitan Zanetti like terzino left to complete the composed defense from Maicon, Lucio and Samuel in front of Julio Cesar. To centrocampo Cambiasso and Thiago Motta, with Sneijder to inspire the heavy tridente Pandev-Support. A spregiudicata formation that of the Stamford Bridge, all exhausting, that the great former Mourinho with applauses and choruses from the tifosi of the Chelsea receives, than it has not never forgotten.

After a pair of minuteren in which the two squares they seem to study itself, to the 5 ‘ the first occasion is nerazzurra, with Maicon who give the skillful one serve Sneijder with rasoiata, the Dutch goes to the shooting from the distance but Alex beats again and Eto’o does not succeed in to touch on the rimpallo. Two minuteren after answer the Chelsea with Malouda, than part ball to the foot in dribbling but it comes blocked ready from the defense nerazzurra. Al 12 ‘ Chelsea anchor, with Ballack that gives the distance goes to the shooting of right power, the ball finishes little to side on the right of Julio Cesar. The Blues is proposed with insistence in ahead but the defense of the Inter does not leave spaces. Al 25 ‘ Drogba on a rimpallo finds on the feet an inviting ball, dangerous its shooting, but Maicon succeeds to beat again. Al 33 ‘ dangerous Inter: from the Maicon right crossa for Eto’o, but the camerunese does not find the moment and when it crushes of head, to a step from Turnbull, does not find the door outside sending the ball. Five dangerous minuteren after anchor nerazzurri, with Eto’o that it touches to behind for I support, but Ballack anticipates the Argentine. Al 41 ‘ then touches to the Chelsea to have a great occasion in area with Malouda, but to close skillfully there is Samuel. A minute after is Thiago Motta, with Julio Cesar chopped herbs, to make an other participation decisive, this time on the action of Anelka primed from Drogba. Manciata of second and the ivoriano test then to serve Lampard, but is still Samuel to demonstrate itself providential. The Chelsea closes the first time to the attack, with the Inter defended in defense. After a recovery minute the 0-0 first fraction of game between Chelsea and Inter finishes therefore.

ACCORDING TO TIME – the resumption is opened without changes. The first occasion of according to time, to the 4 ‘, is of the Chelsea, with a punishment of Drogba, but Julio Cesar makes its football without problems. Optimal Al 7 ‘ the opening of Sneijder for Eto’o but Zhirkov recovers. Malouda answers quickly, to the shooting of power from the right on the first pole. The blues they begin the resumption the many aggressive and fioccano yellows from both the parts: the game is made incandescent. Al fourth now Pandev loses a great occasion, making itself to anticipate from Zhirkov. Little second and test I support to us, of right in area, but Turnbull rejects. Al 20 ‘ anchor I support, primed from Sneijder, but the Argentine kicks unfortunately badly and the ball finishes to side, to the left of Turnbull. Al 25 ‘, on punishment of Sneijder, Thiago goes us to Motta of head but the ball ends little over the crosspiece. Now the Inter appears very more aggressive and in fact to the 33 ‘ the goal arrives nerazzurro, with Eto’o that, primed from Sneijder, marks the beautifulst and heaviest goal, of skillful outside in race, striking Turnbull. The park bench explodes of joy nerazzurra. Now they are the present tifosi nerazzurri to Stamford Bridge to inneggiare to José Mourinho. Al 42 ‘ the Stark arbitrator expels with a red one directed Drogba in order to have treaded on the ankle of Thiago Motta, already to earth in area: the Chelsea remains in ten men. After four minuteren of recovery the 0-1 match finishes therefore between Chelsea and Inter: the nerazzurri they strike blues thanks to the net of Eto’o and they are characterized to the quarters of end of Uefa Champions League.

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