Catania 2-1 Inter Milan (Serie A)

The game lost malamente against the Catania does not make very to hope in sight of the contest with the Chelsea of tuesday.

Sincerely still not us creed. Honor and applauses to the Catania di Mijhailovic that plays a vigorous game and at the end deserve wide its 3 points but this Inter has need of a psychologist. But that devil has come to it in mind to Mourinho? But that race of tactical management is that which must and however always spremere only and only the same ones, to put the square in difficulty then and when the things already are compromised to risk all for all in order trying to save itself? Creed that the prophet of Setubal is self-destructive but lately is not appealing to me a lot little.

With the Siena this miracle winning 4-3 was successful, but from and i, at the end it happens the time that you risk and us lasci the pens: Catania-Inter the 3-1 and Monaco “of Tibet” that laughs to crepapelle… with justice. Why Mariga was not in a position to coming down in field in house against the Genoa, and came schierati two ghosts like Eto’o and Pandev in this moment instead of a centrocampo folto (what to the gone one it had carried the 5-0) throwing via 2 points, and instead to Catania Mariga can play titular? And because instead of a nonexistent Eto’o it comes removed own Mariga that me seemed one of most active, in order to make space to a Quaresma strong-willed person? And then capolavoro on 1-1, with Maicon that stops while Maxi Lopez arrives, Lucio it sees if it to sbucare to the shoulders and the Catania finds the goal that it had repeatedly grazed on 0-0. And to say that after the income of trivela the square it had been arranged in nearly perfect way, pressing more high, possession ball and dangerousness sottoporta, in a word “was ordered”.

But this to Mou is not piaciuto, like always serves the theatre blow, the genialata one. And here that against the most skillful square in the contropiede and that behind it is closed very well, what is made? After to have already removed Mariga Stankovic is removed also, a lot the centrocampo to what serves? To nothing! And ahead Pandev, the optimal one acqusito of January that but after a first period to all beer is clearly accusing the long inactivity, but does not import puts also he, indeed you know what we make? We put Muntari to hammer in the middle of the field, raise Cambiasso and all on!

It is clearly that it is easy to speak after, but are much onlooker of knowing like would be ended with the same module after the balancing if it had been resumed to play with tranquillity being tried the advantage with order. It is not possible to continue to ask this square rabid reactions and of nerves, jolt to the last minute and via discorrendpo, to Catania one knew that it would have been a lot hard, but since it was before the two transfers in sicialian earth in theory that against the rossoblù had to be most approachable. In the moment in which they have been made these two brilliant changes raising Stankovic and then Cambiasso before the Inter was not suffering, had found its dimension and was milling game, had finally crushed the Catania in its area and lacked little more than 15 minuteren at the end.

And then Muntari, capolavoro. Here I must ask excuse the readers, more of a time I had exposed myself to defend it for hisses that it received, and I defend still it because to feel the public that it murmurs to the first imperfect touch it was a P2o vigliacco, but yesterday evening I have understood finally that behind those mormorii there is much truth. If you can guardatevi the replay of it makes give it behind useless with yellow to the limit of the area enriched from the hands in area of rigor with penalty that it destroys the moral nerazzurro. And then soffermatevi on the expression of the boy like saying, “but that I have made it”. Yes Muntari beloved, own you, and are not before the time and to this point a reason will be. I stop to me here because to attack it oltremodo now he would be little elegant…

From the other part of Milan, the cousinses asphalted in two occasions and buried under 6 goals ringraziano and they do not believe us of being able itself to carry to -1. Now the atmosphere must sbollire to the svelta if possible, but the face of Branch yesterday evening were an ugly one marks them, to think next to that small small game that is played to London…

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