Candidates for the World Cup Title

There will be 32 teams competing for a world title; however, two months before the FIFA World Cup starts, the favorites make a noticeable difference and excel in all World Cup 2010 betting predictions.

Germany: In a group with a lack of experience and world titles, Germany, with three World Cup titles, enters as the favorite in Group D. With rivals such as Australia, Serbia, and Ghana, the Germans have the advantage of experience to move forward and fight for the title.

Argentina: Although this team did not leave a good impression over the qualifying campaign, with six defeats and four draws, the “albiceleste” has established itself as one of the favorites to win the World Cup. (bunch of Inter players)

Despite a narrow classification, the Argentines have two world titles and have Lionel Messi, one of the world’s best players nowadays. Argentina’s national team also has a large number of world-class players that could lead the “albiceleste” to win the title.

England: Group C will open with the match between England and the United States in what I consider to be the hardest battle for the English team before facing Slovenia and Algeria.

As the favorite from Group C, the English will take advantage of their team’s trajectory and of their great players full of talent. I think that with a good coach like Fabio Capello, England’s luck in world championships could be improved.

Brazil: With big rivals such as Portugal and Ivory Coast, Dunga’s team will fight for its sixth World Cup. The “Seleção” world cup’s history has made them a favorite in every World Cup played since 1930, and this time is no exception. Brazil’s team is the second favorite to win the World Cup South Africa 2010. (Julio Cesar, Lucio, Maicon)

Spain: Without any world championship titles, the Spanish team is favored to win the World Cup. With ten wins in ten matches during the qualifying process, “La Roja” has had an excellent campaign and this seems to be a great opportunity for Spain to qualify in the 1st phase in the tournament and reach a place in the final.

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