Cambiasso: "We're Inter, nobody's antagonist"

knew where Juve’s strengths lie, but we also knew we had to attack
them and we got it spot on," explained Esteban Cambiasso after the Serie A
encounter at the Juventus Stadium.

"Can this
win mark a turning point? Or prove decisive? I don’t think it’s
decisive, it’s definitely important. We said the result wouldn’t
change the fact that we’re a developing side. There’s a project in
place and we’ll see how long it lasts. We were very confident. I’m
sure that individuals can do nothing without the support of the
team. And we have got a team here, you could see that. Apart from the
physical side of our game, we also showed the right mental attitude.
Handanovic made some great saves but then he’s a big-team keeper.
Samir pulled off a crucial stop to deny Marchisio and we deserve
credit for trying to play our game," Cuchu remarked.

The Nerazzurri midfielder was then asked if Inter can now be
considered Juve’s antagonist: "We’re Inter, we don’t need to be
anyone’s antagonist. We must concentrate on our own season and give 100% in
every match. As Inter we have to fulfil certain obligations towards the
club we represent. I find it hard to separate the players from the
coach. When things are going badly, we’re all in it together and the
same is true when they are going well. During the pre-season,
somebody said that Ivan Cordoba is on the other side now, but it’s not
like that because we’re all in it together, we’re Inter together.
The other side is the other teams."

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