Cambiasso to Mediaset: "This is the real Inter"

APPIANO GENTILE – Esteban Cambiasso also had something to say regarding
Juventus v Inter in an exclusive interview with Marco Barzaghi that aired on
Italia 2: "It’ll be an important match, and definitely a different one
from the others. This Inter team is now in the situation that it should be in.
Juventus have done well to keep up this unbeaten run, so you have to tip your
hat to them. Does it come down to the stadium? They’re owners of their own
stadium, but I don’t think it’s much different than a situation in which
there’s a city with only one team. It changes when you have a stadium used by
two teams from the same city, as is our case. Is it further motivation? This is
a match that both we and Juventus feel differently about."

The Argentine continued: "As for ourselves, I can tell you that I
was confident and hoping for Inter to be in a situation like the one we’re
currently in. We were coming off of a very negative year and at the beginning
of this season we told ourselves that we didn’t want another one. The important
thing was to understand our mistakes and correct them."

Is it possible to start talking about the Scudetto yet? Cambiasso gives
his verdict: "It’s definitely too soon. Beyond what happens on Saturday
there are still many matches left, and I don’t think that 90 minutes now will
be decisive for the title. What matters for us is having moved five points
above fourth place in the standings."

Cuchu has shown himself as a leader, and not only in recent games.
"Training" is his only secret though. "The only secret is that,
if the team is doing well, I’m more inclined to do well myself. Football is a
team game; there’s no such thing as a phenomenon. Do I have something to get
off my chest in regard to those who said we were finished? No, not at all. I’ll
just say that the criticism directed towards myself or Zanetti, when they said
we were untouchable, was completely unfounded. I’ve been here for nine years
and I don’t think I’ve done too badly. Is the secret of our team a combination
of experienced players and youngsters? The secret is having good players, good
coaches and directors who work hard. Age doesn’t mean much. Stramaccioni? It’s
no surprise. He’s convinced of his ideas and I don’t believe in the discussions
surrounding his young age. If someone is good then it has nothing to do with
age. Me as a coach? I don’t know what my future will consist of. Right now I’m
happy with what I’m doing."

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