Branca on Sky Sport 24: "Winning takes time"

APPIANO GENTILE – Three days after the end of the summer transfer
window, F.C. Internazionale’s technical director Marco Branca gave an exclusive
interview to Andrea Paventi of Sky Sport 24.

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What do you put yesterday’s defeat down to? Was the side missing a bit
of character?

"I wouldn’t say a lack
of character, on the contrary, I liked the way the players reacted after
Roma’s opening goal on 15 minutes. I was very happy with the character shown by
the team at the end of the first half – just like in Europe three days prior to
that – considering a number of factors: we’ve made a lot of changes, we’ve got
a new midfield, a few new defenders – because I think of Ranocchia as new
because he was a little relaxed last season, but this year we’ve already seen
what he’s made of – a new strikeforce and everyone has shown great potential.
Potential in terms of fitness, character, technique and movement. We had an
average start to the second period, then we conceded another goal which could
have been avoided, given our tactical, technical and physical ability. From a
psychological perspective we had less nervous energy because we’d spent most of
it three days before. However, when we look at all these factors together – new
players, the clear approach that the coach and club have taken – we just need to
be a little patient to find that balance in the side. That’s what will make
the difference. I think the three points are the most important thing on the
night itself, but I think there’s reason to be positive this morning because
the signs are good."

You spoke about patience. Is this the same approach the club are going
to take with the coach, even if results are a bit up and down? It’s easy to
appoint a young coach and think that if a little while later things aren’t
going well, then the situation will be reviewed.

"I think it’s easy from the outside, and you can understand that.
We know there are rules, and we need to accept these rules both in the good and
bad times. We need to be strong, it’s no coincidence we’re called professionals
as we need to be strong to deal with that. It won’t only be a case of patience,
but it’s to do with the confidence, the great confidence we have shown in the
coach since the end of last season. We know very well that people who do this
job develop at different speeds. We had to be patient in Mancini’s first season
for example but again we had great faith in him. Then later, gradually –
because you can’t change things overnight – we improved, we achieved great
things starting with a small success, when we won the Coppa Italia. We’re in
the same position this season because we’ve freshened up the squad, we’ve got
players who are very motivated, there are things to work on but we must keep
the faith and be patient."

In this transfer season that just concluded Inter spent more than they
have since the Mourinho era, both in terms of fees paid and the number of
personnel brought in. How was that made possible in your opinion? Does much of
that have to do with the confidence that the club has in the coach?

"Sorry to contradict you, but that’s really not the case since in
Mourinho’s first year we spent more than 60 million euros. In the second year –
considering the fact that we conducted a deal that divided opinions and not
everyone saw as positive at the time due to the departure of Ibrahimovic – we
were able to spend precisely because we had the money. This year we had a
transfer campaign full of changes but one that was very different because, if
the that one brought us bigger signings, this year’s allowed us to lower
our transfer budget by close to 40 million euros, and this is something that
needed to be done, even if we didn’t want to. When the season gets underway the
fans are interested in this type of discussion up to a point, and when the
season gets underway it’s not a fundamental discussion but we need to be
serious professionals and that’s why we did it. It’s also something we did to
the fullest of the possibilities. Regarding possible additions, it seems to me
that we managed to bring some players to Inter who are highly motivated and
have great potential."

At this moment why was it right to complete a transaction like the one for
Cassano, who could have been of interest in the Mancini era?

"Because there are questions of timing, opportunities, moments and
projects that are different, since probably six, seven, eight years ago there
were plans for other types of players. And it also may be that Cassano today is
completely different than what he was eight years ago. There are certain things
in the transfer market that always work from a timing standpoint; you can never
establish 100%, or even 75%, how your transfer campaign will go when you reach
1 July, because the opportunities change for everyone on a daily basis and so
you have to do well and be capable of seizing those moments when they come
along. I believe that, from this point of view, we made the most of the
opportunities that this transfer market could offer us and we’re satisfied with the
potential we have. Now we need to work on this potential."

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