Bastoni: ‘I dream of becoming the captain’

Alessandro Bastoni says Inter’s Champions League exit was a turning point for the Nerazzurri and revealed it’s ‘forbidden to speak about the Scudetto.’

The Nerazzurri are the Serie A table leaders and meet Torino away on Sunday.

“It’s forbidden to speak about the Scudetto,” Bastoni told La Stampa.

“There’re plenty games to go, and in football, it’s easy to drop points.

“Juventus remain credible contenders, their Champions League exit will motivate them. they’re our reference, but we would like to end before them.

What was Inter’s turning point?

“We had a collective meeting after the Champions League exit in December. It had been such an enormous blow,” Bastoni added.

“That was the turning point of the season. We felt more responsibility and Conte transmitted wickedness to us.”

Why did Inter struggle such a lot in Europe?

“We had tactical issues, but it had been a drag of mentality too. We conceded an excessive amount of, once we sat deep, we managed to win games we wouldn’t win before. We all know we will trust one another.”

Suning are in talks to seek out partners to assist Inter financially.

“We never had problems. The results on the pitch give us happiness. I feel it’s a pleasant message to all or any of those that think we only play for the cash. Passion prevails. Otherwise, we should always change our job.

“Inter is my second home and there’ll be no problems to extend my contract. I dream of becoming the captain of my favourite team.”

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