Balotelli: "A fantastic experience"

SIENA – Standing alongside president Massimo Moratti, Inter striker Mario Balotelli told of his joy at winning the Scudetto.

He said: "I am very happy. It was a fantastic experience today. Am I pleased about making peace with the fans? Sometimes there are misunderstandings, but you get over them without any problems.

"Now we can think about the Champions League final. I am here and I will go to Madrid."

Commenting on his cold-blooded approach to games, Balotelli explained: "Every game gets me excited in the same way, but you can’t play how you want to if you show your emotions, so it’s always best to leave all the pressure off the pitch.

"I’m dedicating this victory to my family and my friends and I can tell them that if I play at the Santiago Bernabeu on 22 May I will give my all and win that final for them."


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