Awaiting Prima Serata: Zanetti, Picchi, Facchetti

APPIANO GENTILE – "You’re up there alongside Picchi and Facchetti, you’re my
captains." That was part of a message of adoration for Javier
Zanetti sent in by Adalgisa, a life-long Nerazzurri fan. Words that
filled Pupi with pride: "It’s an honour to be likened to Armando
Picchi and Giacinto Facchetti, two incredible footballers, and incredible individuals, who have done so much for this great team.
Thanks, Adalgisa."

From the words of the
fans to one of those moments you’ll never forget, as images
of Zanetti’s two meetings with the Pope were shown in the studio. "It was an emotional moment on both occasions, with the team and with my family. Last time I went with my wife
and children: when the Pope stroked Tomas’ head it was one of the best
moments of my life."

The conversation returned to the pitch, with Zanetti commenting on both the present and the future. Not his but Esteban Cambiasso’s. "The
new players have settled in very well," he began, referring to the
summer signings. "They’ve realised what it means to play for a team
like Inter. What will Cambiasso do when he hangs up his boots? Cuchu
will become a coach for sure. He’s already doing that on the pitch,"
he smiled. "Just as it was clear with Cholo that he was cut out for
it, so too you can see that Cuchu is a natural."

At 21:00 you can read
the final instalment of Zanetti’s Prima Serata
interview here on, then
tune in to Inter Channel to see his whole chat with Roberto Scarpini

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