Tickets for Inter Milan

Important news for the pretenders to a seat in the derby at San Siro in Milan on 24 January: you can not buy online, as usual, the coupons for sale, as the purchase on the website of Inter will be inhibited. Inter also announced that from Monday, January 18, 2010 will begin selling tickets from all agencies of the Banca Popolare di Milano and Banca di Legnano. Each person may purchase a maximum of 2 coupons.

Jose Mourinho Criticized the decission to fine Mario Balotelli

Jose Mourinho openly criticizes the decision to fine Mario Balotelli. He does it during the press conference by the eve of the championship with Siena. The coach of Inter explains that this punishment is not entirely appropriate to the path of growth in player: “Right now nothing surprises me. I expect everything. A player during a game feels a bad atmosphere, it makes a better game and correct gets a yellow card ‘naive’, then exit the field, made a 3-second applause: it takes a fine that does not seem right and that does not help its growth” said Mou. Mourinho then praised the player for having ” apologize for the only wrong thing he did, was wrong to generalize throughout the city of Verona for the misbehavior of a few”, and says with a hint of irony, even the two-match ban imposed on components his staff: ”I do not understand. But many things have happened to us, as the disqualification of Maicon before the match with Juventus … not a problem.”
Well as from the market, a sale of Vieira to the City and the rumors about Quaresma and Mancini, implying that the full matching seems determined to act on the market, “Patrick goes to Manchester City in the best period in recent years.’d Prefer to have a player anymore, but if no one came, nobody came. If we will not go away Mancini were big hits, the company has worked well. ” Partitissima a beat even on a Sunday evening between Juve and Milan: “Their ranking is a liar. But I enjoy Juve-Milan without worries and I can do this only if we win against Siena.