Auguries, Inter: here all the emotions, month for month!

In order to celebrate the 102 years of the society, that it completes today, International FC has decided to travel over again on own site this last year of month in month. We propose you all the memories from

March 2009. Javier Zanetti catches up Giacinto Facchetti in the number of presences with the mesh of the Inter: 634, in the day of the contest with the Fiorentina, 15 March 2009. Two flags, Facchetti and Zanetti, that they have known to represent with pride the colors nerazzurri in Italy and the world.

You open them 2009. Those same colors that they know to feed the hope beyond every border of soccer nature. It is how much happens after the terrible earthquake that upsets the life to thousands of persons in Abruzzi, for which they decide to take part also Inter Campus and the Inter Club of Abruzzi, not only with deep collections, but also trying to make to find again the smile to the children through the riscoperta one of the game.

May 2009. The tifosi can gioire for the conquest of 17esimo the badge. First of all the president Maximum Moratti, than in the day of its 64esimo birthday, 16 May, can enjoy a joy detail completely: the gift of its Inter, the fourth tricolour consecutive one, the beautifulr gift. Thanks to the players, but also – and above all – to who them guide, José Mourinho.

June 2009. Mourinho gains thus its first Italian championship and – little days after to have extended of a year, till 2012, its tie – a year from trainer celebrates nerazzurro.

July 2009. The Inter casts therefore back new challenges, to face with new champions, as I support, Thiago Motta, Eto’o and Lucio. But new they are also the horizons: to accommodate the square nerazzurra for the summery withdrawal they are in fact the United States.

August 2009. That American is an only experience and moving, own like the income of nerazzurri to the Bird’s Nest of 8 Beijing August, to an exact year from the inauguration of Olympic Giochi. It lacks little at the beginning the new championship indeed, than already to the second day it gives nerazzurri extraordinary a Victoria, a 4-0 in the derby, the contest that among other things marks the debut of Wesley Sneijder in the Inter.

September 2009. Against the Milan a match goes in scene of world-wide callback, own like that one had from the Goblet of the Inter World Campus, the initiative that in Tuscany joins 19 Countries in a single humanity.

October 2009. The Inter continues its race, in the sign of a group more and more coeso, but able equally to leave space to the genius of its it samples. Genius and compound capolavoro are in fact the touch with which Dejan Stankovic, 17 October, prank the porter of the Genoa Amelia from an incredible distance, quite 54 meters.

November 2009. Unforgettable images, own like those which scandiscono the history nerazzurra on the walls of the WinterStore, the interista universe that 27 November rises in the heart of Milan. And that it celebrates champions of the past and the present nerazzurro.

December 2009. And he is a champion also Nawf Al-Temyat, the Asian soccer player in honor of which the Inter friendly challenge in the Al Hilal, to conclusion of the winter withdrawal to Abu Dhabi and Ryad, places in which the 2009 nerazzurro is closed.

January 2010. The new year gives to the Inter two new companions of travel, Mariga and Goran Pandev. A return to house for this last one, that same house that has allowed Ivan Ramiro Cordoba, with its 10 years in nerazzurro, to catch up and to exceed Giuseppe Meazza for number of presences. Record, these, that they are born from the passion.

February 2010. And it is pure passion also that which spirit Maximum Moratti very before those 18 February 1995, date in which, on the tracks of the father Angel, it decides to newly interlace the name of its family to that one of the Inter.

History of a love, without border. Own like the spirit from which March of 1908 has taken to life those 9 the International one.

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